The Quickest Answer to Your Towing Need

Did you get into an accident? Did your car run out of fuel? Is your car having a flat tire? Did your car suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere? The last thing you would want to happen is to get tied up on the road because of car trouble. In this case, Maspeth Towing Company is the best towing service that you can depend on. We have been serving the people the Maspeth, NY area since 2007. We would be glad help you in those times of trouble.

Our dependable team of truck drivers, who are highly skilled and fully trained, would be there to help. They would do everything they can to be able to reach your destination in the soonest possible time, making sure you will be out your of your misery fast. They will be making sure they would be able to solve your car problem fast. We would want you to be able to arrive at your destination sooner, after all. We in Maspeth Towing Company pride ourselves on having the most reliable towing specialist. We will make sure that we give your car the utmost care while giving superior customer support.

The people of the Maspeth, NY area know how efficient our assistance is. Our fleet is equipped with all the tools and equipment. With them, we would be able to resolve your vehicle’s problem in the shortest possible time. Having in mind, of course, the safety of your vehicle. Our 10 years of experience in this business has made us become the best.

Our service is 24/7 so no matter the time you call, we can be of help. We wouldn’t want you to get stuck in a broken down car in the middle of the night. As soon as we get your call, we will immediately dispatch our towing specialist.

Make sure you have our number in your car all the time so if you have any towing needs, you could ask Maspeth Towing Company to be of service right away.

If you are in the Maspeth, NY area, be sure to call us at (718) 737-7538.